Physical activity and specific exercises for enhanced health Custom Essay

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a.The essay is limited to 3.5 pages of text (double spaced – size 12 font)
b. The essay should have TABLE + HAND DRAWN FIGURE/DIAGRAMS!! added as unlimited extra pages (appendices)
c.The essay should have a maximum of 10 references
d. The reference list will appear at the end of the essay (does not count against page limit)
e. Referencing style is as per Journal of Nutrition (or APA style, University of Guelph library) – guide to authors. EXCEPTION: in the text, the reference should appear as numbers (based on the sequence of appearance), not as authors name and date. For example, ‘dietary glucose causes a release of insulin into the bloodstream (1,2)." The reference list then reflects those numbers in the text.
f. Completed by Monday December 3rd/12

Questions to focus on with the write-up:
General physical activity and specific exercises for enhanced health and performance might be considered to be analogous to the food – functional food – nutraceutical continuum. How could you incorporate ‘exercise’ into the Functional Food and Nutraceutical approach to healthcare? What would be a ‘functional exercise’? What would be an "exerceutical’

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