Political Science Research Paper

On a single sheet of paper, please write or type brief answers (might be just a few words, and no more than 2-3 sentences) to the following four questions about Bowling Alone,
and bring this to class next week. Make sure to number your responses, so that it is clear which question each response is answering.

(1) What are the two general types of social capital mentioned by Putnam (hint: beginning with the same letter) and how do they differ?

(2) Why does Putnam believe that recent changes in communications technology at the time he is writing (e.g., those facilitated by the Internet) do not or might not in the future compensate for the declining social involvement documented in other chapters? In other words, what factors limit the ability of these new technologies to facilitate greater social capital?

(3) According to Putnam?s research, what are the two biggest causes of the decline in civic engagement and social capital in recent decades?

(4) Does social capital have any bad consequences?

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