Political Ways and Means of interests on directives Custom Essay

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The purpose of the Final Research Paper is for you to culminate the learning achieved in the course by gaining further insight into the relationship between Congress and the Presidency through additional research. +The focus will be on the quid pro quo of the relationship between the two branches, and students will have an opportunity to apply knowledge learned throughout the course to produce an eight- to ten-page paper with a minimum of five resources, two of which are from the Ashford Online Library.

Examples of Acceptable Research Topics include:

Summation and Analysis of a well-known legislative action that highlights the interplay between the Congress and President (an example could be Bill Clinton�s efforts to get NAFTA passed through the Congress)
Descriptive Analysis of a congressional action taken against the President to limit his powers (an example would be the War Powers Act)
Descriptive analysis of a presidential action taken to limit the authority or power of Congress or to avoid congressional action (for example, well known executive orders or nomination of elected officials to alter balance of power)
Summation and analysis of famous court cases that centered around a battle between Congress and the President (an example would be Marbury v. Madison)
Analyze one President�s power-sharing relationship with Congress with a focus on two actions or events that highlight this relationship

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