Popular mechanics Essay Help

Please write a five paragraph essay after reading Raymond Carver’s “Popular Mechanics” (easily found on the internet. Students may also want to research critical interpretations via our LibGuide page. Carver’s work is Post-Modern in its length (Post-Modern works are either very short or very long with little seemingly gained by the length in terms of plot), its use of punctuation (audiences are upset or “decentered” by a lack of quotation marks), and its lack of an ending which gives resolution. Each of these characteristics “deconstruct” or take apart what we expect from fiction. The work is also Post-Modern in that it rewrites a myth (this is called Revisionary Mythopoesis); Carver is playing off of the story of the Biblical wise king Solomon and the two women and their babies. The tone is dark, and there is nothing that can be seen as hopeful. Please look up a definition of Post-Modern literature (and/or use the characteristics I have listed above) and write a paper in which you say why you think this work is categorized as Post-Modern.

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