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Assessment #2 – Portfolio
Over the duration of the Bachelor of Nursing program students will develop a portfolio that can be used when they graduate to demonstrate that they have achieved the competencies required for nursing practice. The portfolio will be based around the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (2006) National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse 4th edition which can be accessed via the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia website at: http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/

Assessment 2 will enable Bachelor of Nursing students to develop their understanding of the ANMC competency domain critical thinking and analysis. An understanding of this domain is essential for skill development in all 10 competency areas. To be competent in this domain, students must develop skills in reflection and utilising evidence.
Information on reflection and reflective writing can be accessed via the links below:
University of New South Wales – http://www.lc.unsw.edu.au/onlib/reflect.html

In addition the following link provides examples of how students can approach part B of the assessment item. Note how the reflection in the examples is supported by referring to what the student has read in the literature:
Southern Cross University – www.scu.edu.au/academicskills/download.php?doc_id=3699

Part A – Understanding of competency domain
Part A of the assignment will demonstrate your understanding of some aspects of one specific competency domain.
In this section of the assignment:
1. Explain your understanding of the nursing competency domain ‘critical thinking and analysis’. (100 words)
2. Explain your understanding of the role of reflection in developing competence in nursing practice. (100 words)

Part B – Reflection on learning
Part B of the assignment will demonstrate your ability to critically reflect on knowledge, feelings and beliefs related to the workshop and the first four topics.
1. Using the workshop as the basis, explain how your knowledge, feelings, attitudes and/or beliefs around cultural understanding and competence have developed. Refer to the literature to support your reflective statement. (200 words)
2. Using activities 1.5 and 1.7 in topic 1, activity 2.7 in topic 2, activity 3.6 in topic 3, and activity 4.6 in topic 4 as the basis explain how your beliefs have been challenged and /or your knowledge developed. Refer to the literature to support your reflective statement. (600 words)

For section 2 ensure that you explain some aspect of ALL four topics. Some topics, however, you may want to explain at greater length.

The assignment should include:
• Headings and sub-headings to clearly identify the part of the assignment you are answering
• Logical planning and sequencing.
• Include at least two quality references in part A (one for part 1 and one for part 2), and at least six quality references for part B (two for part 1 and four for part 2). Please see ‘note’ below for information on quality sources.
• A correctly completed assignment cover sheet.
Note: How to determine high quality resources

If you use the Library databases you are more likely to find quality sources. Indications of the quality of a source of information are reliability and accuracy. You can judge this on criteria like how up-to-date it is whether the information comes from a reliable source and if the creator of the information on a website is named (organisation or person) and their qualifications provided.
The following websites can assist you with this further:

Re-marking will occur as per University of SA Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual 2012 5.1.

Resubmissions will be considered for assignments that have been submitted by the due date and received an F1 grade. Requests should be submitted to the students designated lecturer no later than five days after the return of the paper. Please refer to University of SA Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual 2012 5.2

Assignment shall be submitted electronically via the LearnOnline website. Asssignment feedback will also be returned via the LearnOnline website.
The feedback forms for this assessment are located at:

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