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Its a Rhetorical Analysis Assignment: As stated in Allyn and Bacon?s Guide to Writing, your goal is to ?write a ?summary/strong response? to an essay that you might end up using as evidence in your final research based proposal. This includes: (a) a summary?approximately 150 to 250 words) of any non fiction essay of your choice that relates to the subject you are going to tackle in your exploratory essay/research based proposal AND (b) ?a strong response to that reading in which you speak back to that reading from your own critical thinking, personal experience, and values?. As you formulate your own response, consider both the author?s rhetorical strategies and the author?s ideas. Think of your response as an analysis of how the text tries to influence its readers rhetorically and how your wrestling with the text has expanded and deepened your thinking about its ideas? (292).

Remember from Ch 12 that you must read the text both with the grain and against the ?skills you need to summarize a text and respond to it strongly. When you read with the grain of the text, you try to see the world through the author?s eyes, role-playing as much as possible the author?s intended readers by adopting their beliefs and values and acquiring their background knowledge (Carl Rogers). When making with the grain points, you support the author?s thesis with your own arguments and examples, or apply or extend the author?s argument in new ways. When you read against the grain of a text, you challenge, question, resist, and perhaps even rebut the author?s ideas. You are a resistant reader who asks unanticipated questions, pushes back, and reads the text in ways unforeseen by the author. When you make against?the ?grain points, you challenge the author?s reasoning, sources, examples, or choice of language. You generate (and provide) counterexamples, present alternative lines of reason, deny the writer?s values, or raise points that the writer has overlooked or specific data that the writer has omitted. Consider the ideas for both the ?Criteria for an Effective Summary? on pg 299 as well as the charts regarding ?Sample Questions for Analyzing and Critiquing (a Text)? (pgs 305-7) plus ?Sample Questions for Generating Your Own Views on the Topic? (pgs 309-10) when composing your essay. Ideas for ?Composing Your Summary/Strong Response Essay? can also be found on pgs 332-4).

For additional assistance: Either (1) Contact me or (2) Go to the Writing Center, located next to the Starbucks on the first floor of the library, to see a tutor in person. You should seek out timely assistance–not at the last minute.

Objectives/Evaluation criteria:
–To be able to practice the reading strategies of rhetorical readers (both with and against the grain)
–To be able to write an effective, concise summary of a nonfiction essay.
–To be able to respond strongly to a nonfiction essay in which one speaks back to that reading from their own critical thinking, personal experience, and values.
–To practice rhetorical sensitivity while keeping in mind the purpose, audience, genre
–To practice a recursive writing process, including invention, drafting, peer editing, conferencing, and revision.
–Few grammatical errors; Adherence to MLA style.
–Sensitivity to audience, purpose, and genre as well as logos, pathos, and ethos.
–Awareness of angle of vision
–Participation in peer editing sessions and student/teacher conferences, shown by draft(s) and peer editing documentation, which are stapled underneath the final draft.

Requirements and Guidelines:
All drafts and the final product must be typed, double-spaced, with an acceptable 12 pt. Font. Your margins must be one inch, and you must have a proper MLA heading of four lines and a centered title with all pages numbered as per MLA stipulations (consult either your Allyn and Bacon or Everyday Writer texts).

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