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Full Body Burden we’ve looked at the nuclear fallout at Rocky Flats as something done to Kristen Iverson and her horse. From this angle, nuclear? seems to be nefarious, malicious, evil. Maybe because it was being used for weapons.
Yet when the power of the atom was harnessed, demonstrated in the detonation of a massive nuclear weapon, there were also some obvious benefits which had come along with the evolution of harnessing that power: power, medicine, glow-in-the-dark watchdials.
Oppenheimer himself had a solution to thinking about such duplicitous things ? science ? and based a lot of his on data and the scientific method.
Yet, as with anything duplicitous, there has to be another side to it. According to Richard Powers in his article Eyes Wide Open? (found in your FI reader on pg. 272 or you can find it online from the New York Times) that other side isn’t particularly located in science. Where is it located?
Please provide an example of an issue which you think can be solved if we just didn’t look at it in a way similar to Oppenheimer, but looked at it like Powers.

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