Practical Applications Presentation Custom Essay

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b. Analyze the legal and ethical issues related to licensed and unlicensed professionals in the field of abnormal psychology. (Speaker notes with in-text citation included).

Legal issues

a. Competency to stand trial
b. Evaluating criminal responsibility
c. Competency to handle one’s affairs
d. Determining if dangerous and the relationship to involuntary civil commitment
e. Appraising the honesty and ability to tell the truth by individuals in the justice

system and in other areas.
f. Legal Context
i. Defendant issues
ii. Criminal issues
iii. Victim issues
iv. Civil issues

B. Ethical issues
a. Little Albert

i. Experimenting
1. White rat, bar, loud noise, creation of fear
ii. Involuntary treatment

1. Pros

a. Failure to treat can lead to treat can lead to incarceration or homelessness
i. More humane to treat than let wonder and not aware they are sick.
2. Cons
a. Forcing medication may not be the remedy needed on objecting patient
b. Do not know if the medication will improve outcome
c. Little changes in use of neuroleptic drugs

i. Maybe evidence that the drug is responsible for brain damage

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