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The unit, Organisational Behaviour G aims to assist students to develop an understanding
of the management of contemporary organisations through knowledge of human
behaviour. You are required to write a report that discusses:

1) what you have learnt in the unit, Organisational Behaviour G (8 marks)
2) how you have used what you have learnt (3 marks)
3) how you are likely to use what you have learnt in your future professional or
business life or career (3 marks).
Please note, your report should be reflective, rather than simply a descriptive summary of
various theories. Your discussion should demonstrate:
• a sound understanding of theoretical issues in the OB literature
• how theory is applied to contemporary business / management issues
• the inter-relatedness of organisational behaviour topics/theories
• an understanding of behaviour at the individual, group and organisational levels
• an engagement with the subject matter.

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