Pre term babies 32 weeks gestation: Why are these complications significant to the pre term baby? Custom Essay

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Pre term babies are prone to the “triangle of complications” Hypoxia, Hypothermia, Hypoglycaemia. Why are these complications significant to the pre term baby? what is the role of the midwife in the admission and ongoing care of this baby? This should include family involvement.
Please use these journal articles;
Getting connected:how nurses can support mother/infant attachment in the neonatal intensive care unit. Australian journal of advanced nursing.
Craving closeness: a grounded theory analysis of womens experiences of mothering in the special care nursery. (fen wick, barclay, Schmied 2008.
The neonatal energy triangle part 1. Metabolic adaption, 2006 pediatric nursing.
Please use quality references from 2005 to 2012 only.

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