Prepare a detailed outline for your research paper using the methods described in Unit Research Paper

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5. For each heading or bullet you must provide a brief description.

1. Wiki’s and blogs were originally developed to foster collaboration and group thinking. Explain how wiki’s and or blogs can be utilized in obtaining research or assist with writing a research paper. 0 0 0

2. Unit 5 – 2 This unit focused on research paper or academic writing. The same concepts are applied to professional writings such as quarterly reports or briefings. Will the methods discussed assist you with your professional writings? Provide an example of how they can be used.
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3. Unit 5 – 3 Writing assignments are usually assigned in all undergraduate and graduate courses for varying reasons. Instructors usually provide detailed instructions on what is expected. What other tools do you think are necessary to facilitate the writing process or completing a writing assignment?

Provide any suggestions that may assist your fellow students with a writing assignment.

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