Produce a critical case study of Kenya Custom Essay

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a) Succinctly analyse key development interventions and practices in the chosen country. Specifically, we are looking for evidence that the student can utilize their understandings of development theory to reflect upon recent development efforts in that case study country. We do not expect a comprehensive analysis of all interventions and are not looking for general description, but rather the student should highlight key interventions, justify their selection and critically analyse them with respect to modernisation, dependency, neo liberal development models etc.


b) highlight critical environmental contexts, issues, interventions and impacts for the same country. We are looking for evidence that the student can draw on their understanding of aspects of environmental governance, resistance, knowledge and discourse etc, to examine the environment-development nexus in their chosen case study country.

These case studies must be fully referenced and clearly situated within recent debates and literatures. They should also integrate a) and b) above, NOT present them as two separate sections. They must also include clear reference to seminar discussions.

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