Produce a document for web-based media and essay explaining how information was obtained and created custom essay

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For this assignment, you will need to go out and find news. You should select an issue or event in your community (you can use Watertown, NY or Syracuse, NY) or workplace and produce a one page web style news article about it using journalism techniques and practices you read about in Stovall. You should interview one or two people about the event and do any background research you need in order to report the story. I will expect to see you follow conventions for web based news, including providing appropriate hyperlinks to outside sources and information, such as those given in Stovall figure 8.2 (p. 196).(I have uploaded the pages referred to in the instructions for a better understanding) You should also include at least one graphic, such as a table, chart, map, or picture.

Though reporters don?t usually do their own layout, I will ask you to format your article like a website, with appropriate fonts for the headline and subhead. You may submit this assignment as a thoughtfully designed Word document showing what your site would look like or, if you are comfortable with html, as a web page (though this is not required). There is information about designing for the web in the Online Resources section of the module. Be sure to review the material about producing a news package for the web in Stovall (pp. 198-200) ( I have uploaded these pages for a better understanding)and think about the supplementary materials, such as sidebars, graphics, relevant links, etc. you will need.

In addition, you must turn in a brief essay of one page in which you explain how you learned about your news story, where you turned for information, and what principles from Stovall and, if relevant, Turow. you used to help you write about your news story for your audience. Be sure to provide in-text citations for your reference to the texts. Be sure to consider your audience when writing your story, and tell me your audience in your essay.

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