Product Management: Background – Male Cosmetics on the Rise Research Paper

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The usage of male cosmetics has grown considerably over the last two decades. 89% of men polled in the United States and Europe believed good grooming was important for their professional success, and 70% of them shopped for their own skincare products, as opposed to only 48% in 2008. Cosmetics companies have even begun to penetrate the over-40 market, which is not as saturated as the women’s and young men’s markets. L’Oreal has particularly focused on expanding its men’s skincare segment in Asia.

There are two key reasons why the male demographic is receiving so much attention from cosmetics companies: first and foremost, it is still not as saturated as the female market. More importantly, men have proven to be more loyal to specific products and brands than women are, who are more likely to switch to whatever the next trend is. Therefore cosmetics companies are trying to appeal to the male market in order to secure long-term loyal customers. With some exceptions (Maybelline, Lancôme, Shu Uemura and Kérastase) L’Oreal’s brands cater to both men and women. L’Oreal also spans different income levels, from affordable lines (Matrix) to luxury products (Yves Saint Laurent).

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