Production & Operations Management: This is Operation management issues related to the case video Custom Essay

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The major of this case to write about each 10 decision areas. This is Operation management issues related to the case video:
1. design of goods and services— two pages —
2. managing quality — two pages —
3.process and capacity design — one page —
4.location — one and half pages —
5.layout — one page —
6.HR and job — two pages —
7. Supply chain management — two pages —
8.inventory management — two pages —
9.Scheduling —- one and half pages —-
10.Maintenance —- one page —

**** Before doing anything see the good paper for the student who did the American Airlines case last semester. The professor showed

this paper to see to the students what we should to do in the paper.

1- Should to see the American Airlines video.
2- Write for each 10 Operation Management issues.
3- I don’t want to write any introduction or background directly go to talk about 10 Operation Management issues related to the case

4- Also I don’t want to write the conclusion.
5- I don’t want any reference the reference is going to be the textbook only.
5- The photos may help you to see what I want exactly.
3- Please looking for the grammar, writing style and Punctuation within a sentence.
7- The whole paper is gonna be 14 pages

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