Proffessional Understanding, Team Working, Synthesis custom essay

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This work has 3 Patches, first 2 750 words each writen from first person, but third patch writen from third person 1000 words.
all description will be in additional files please check it there. It done as Power Point info, with writen done more info under each slide, please read it too.
Patch one compare 2 professions analyse the similarities and differences. Should be please 2 prof only. YOU can choose from: PHISIO, OT, SOCIAL services, Doctors or langv.theropist but only 2 prof for patch 1 which ever easier for you.
Please only english UK and references from UK too Harward system.
I am full time Adult Nurse student, who is half time studing at university and half time at hospitals on placements.
Please try all your best as i really need to pass it from first time and as high marks as it would be posible. If you not sure with anything please write to me email and i will give you more information or just call me please.

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