Project Plan Of Discourse Analysis; Discourse analysis of sarcasm in cartoons with special attention to the Simpsons Custom Essay

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1. Topic
Discourse analysis of sarcasm in cartoons with special attention to the Simpsons.
2. Background.
For many years, people have used specific words or phrases to mean something else. Despite years of research into use of figurative speech and language such as metaphors, little has been done on sarcasm and the language aspects it reflects. The theme of this project is to demonstrate the significance of sarcasm and elements of language it signals including grammar and lexis. The sarcastic language used by a speaker is determined by what is offered by the language. Sarcasm in the Simpsons is best understood by considering Homer Simpsons the rude father with his wife Madge and his children Bart, Maggie and Lisa. Homer is the embodiment of the average American working at his average job, is lazy, fat, ignorant and clumsy but committed to his family.
3. Aim
Sarcasm has become common in everyday conversations indicating a new form of speech. Sarcasm is used to describe people, things or situations in a critical manner in such a way that it appears funny and hence it is popular in many TV series and comedy shows. The Simpsons rely heavily on sarcasm ranging from the obvious to subtle and even beyond. At the same time, however, the show manages to make noteworthy social comment on various cultural and social issues through the use of sarcasm.
4. Research questions
1. What extent does the context influence language through sarcasm?
2. Does sarcasm affect the audience and how?
3. Does sarcasm as portrayed in the Simpsons have any educational value?
5. Methodology
The subject of sarcasm in cartoons will be examined through the study of the TV series with data collected from 12 episodes.
6. Findings
By comparing and contrasting language associated with sarcasm and human activities, the established relationships offer an insight of how people view and understand the world surrounding them.
7. Conclusion
The result of findings is supposed to answer all the questions stated above. Implication for practical application, weakness of the study and suggestion for further research will be included.

Note: The lecturer accepted this plan and she made some comments. I would like you to take intro account her comments. You will see down her comment:

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