Project Procurement and Contract Management custom essay

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2. Assignment question:
Title of Assignment:

Tough Economic Climate

What do you think should be Project Procurement?s added contribution in the likely difficult economic climate for business in 2012?

You should undertake a search of the academic journals, main trade journals and the web to consider what other writers have said about this subject. You should try to find and use your own examples rather than rely purely on examples given in the lectures.

The word count for this assignment is a minimum of 2000 and maximum of 2500 words.

You can include diagrams and pictures and these should be fully referenced, titled and numbered.

You should include a full bibliography and use references within the text using the Harvard system.

The assignment should be written as an essay but should have a clear structure with major sections and subsections identified by the use of headings and section headings which should also be numbered. A table of contents should be included at the start and a reference list given shown at the end of the assignment. Appendixes are not required.

3. Layout and document formatting
? Type all submitted work using the full functionality of Microsoft WORD, no hand written assignments will be accepted.
? You do not need to use colour printing.
? Assignments do not need to be spiral bound or enclosed in A4 folders. The use of a simple staple in the top left hand corner is sufficient, but make certain it is sufficient to hold the document together.
? Use A4 paper. Margins should be set to:
– Top 2.54 cms.
– Left 2.54 cms.
– Bottom 2.54 cms
– Right 2.54 cms
– Gutter position left
? A12 point font using a Time New Roman type face and set to 1.5 spacing is recommended. Do not use double spacing.
? Where appropriate use chapter or section and sub-section headings, ideally these will be numbered.
? When using bullet points or numbered points indent them from the main text.
? Include page numbers at the bottom of your document
? Where appropriate a table of contents should be included.
? When using references use the Harvard system and not foot notes or end-notes. A Bibliography at the end of the assignment should also be used where references are used.
? If foot-notes are being used then these must be brief.
? A header or footer may be used indicating course and assignment titles.
? When including diagrams, graphs, maps or figures give each a title and an appropriate reference number. A source may also need to be included if copying from another author.

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