Project Report – Organizating and Holding a Fund-Raising Event Custom Essay

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Project Report Requirements and Instruction

Project Topic:
Organizing and holding a fund-raising event

1. Project report should include a concise executive summary;

2. Project report should contain an introduction in which you clearly and consistently explain the purpose of the

project, your position, your client, deliverables as well as other stakeholders;

Please note that you will lose significant mark if your position is NOT consistent with your project and the WBS.

3. Project report should contain a Statement of Work (SOW) based on what we covered in class and the instruction

provided on D2L.

SOW usually contains the following parts, although not all may apply to all projects:

• Overview
• Purpose and Goals: answers briefly the question: Why are we doing this project?
• Project Scope: before a team can commence the work needed to fulfill a project, they must first understand what

the project encompasses. The team will need to understand the project’s scope, goals and timelines. This will

ensure that the team is on the same page for the work to be done, the goals to be met, the timelines to be adhered

to. Scope puts some boundaries on the project; specifies what is within and beyond the project’s scope; names

major activities clearly enough to define what the project will and won’t do and those that are critical to

success of the project.

• Assumptions
• Constraints
• Deliverables: tells the stakeholders, especially the project team, what the project is supposed to produce and

lists both intermediate and end deliverables.

• Applicable standards: industry standards or other standards imposed on the project deliverables. These should

include any standards such as ISO, CMM, CMMI, etc.

• Hardware/Software Requirements: for IT projects
• Specialized requirements: These will include any special qualifications for the workforce, such as a PMP

certified Project Manager.

• Management guidelines
• Delivery Team Responsibilities
• Customer Team Responsibilities
• Success or acceptance criteria: it would include any quality standards that must be met such as number of test

cases, number of test cases executed, etc.

• Costs and resources: explains budget
• Timeline: explains the deadline to submit the deliverables
• Communication Processes
• Contact Information

4. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) should contain at least 35-40 tasks;

5. Use PMI’s 5-process groups to categorize the task. Note that each category can include its own summary tasks;

6. WBS starts with the project name;

7. Identify WBS by outline numbers;

8. Project report should contain detailed explanations to support the project logic, based on which predecessors

have been identified and WBS has been formed;

9. Durations of each task should be reasonably estimated. Project time should exceed 120 days;

10. Resources should be consistent with your project, and compensations should be reasonably estimated. You can

use to find approximate wage and salary for your resources;

11. A concise and thorough “lessons learned” report;

12. Any further information that you may find appropriate and helpful to include in your report and to support

your arguments based on the topics covered.

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