Promoting Flexible Thinking and Continuous Learning Custom Paper

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In this week�s media segment, Dr. Costa tells a story that demonstrates how NASA scientists used flexible thinking to develop a mechanism that allows a spacecraft to reenter the earth�s atmosphere without burning up. Consider the type of thinking that went into developing a solution to the spacecraft problem and the opportunities you may have to expand and stimulate your students� thinking in a similar way.

Then, reflect on techniques demonstrated by teachers in the media segments that would help create a classroom atmosphere that invites and supports flexible thinking and openness to further learning opportunities. If needed, replay the media segment.

Finally, bring to mind a lesson that you have used in your classroom in which you see opportunities to encourage flexible thinking, engage students, and promote continuous learning. Consider how you could use a Thinking Map (in Chapter 9 of your course text) to promote flexible thinking in the lesson or to encourage students to be open to continuous learning. How would you use one of the online thinking maps or interactive thinking tools you found this week with your students?

� A description of a past lesson in which you see opportunities to promote flexible thinking and encourage students to pursue additional learning

� A description of how you would use a Thinking Map in the lesson to encourage flexibility in your students� thinking and promote openness to continued learning

� Identify one of the online thinking maps or interactive thinking tools you found and describe one strategy for using the tool with students
Be sure to cite information from the Learning Resources to support your thinking.

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