Provide brief definitions for the following Piagetian terms Custom Essay

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A child no longer responds to being called by her or his parent by name. After observation, you notice the parent frequently and repeatedly calls for the child; the child ignores the parent and continues to play. Assuming the child’s hearing is functioning properly, what term describes this behavior?
2) Provide brief definitions for the following Piagetian terms:
a) Schema b) Assimilation c) Accommodation
3). Erikson’s developmental stages describe both cognitive and social development. True False
4) Provide brief descriptions for the following attachment styles:
a) Secure: b) Avoidant: c) Anxious: d) Disorganized:
5. Provide brief descriptions for the following stages of identity development: a) Achievement: b) Foreclosure: c) Moratorium: d) Diffusion:
6) Provide brief descriptions for the following parenting styles and effects on children: a) Authoritative: b) Authoritarian: c) Permissive: d) Indifferent:
7. Briefly identify the parenting style of your parents (or caregivers) and discuss how it has impacted your personality formation.
8. The tendency to make internal attributions for people’s behavior, even when an observer sees evidence for an external influence is known as the
9. Define and give an example of a micro expression.
10. List 4 of the 8 symptoms of groupthink and provide brief descriptions.
11) Provide 2 suggestions to prevent groupthink from occurring.
12) Identify and briefly describe Kohlberg’s 3 stages of moral development.
13) Compare and contrast Gilligan’s theory of moral development with Kohlberg’s.

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