Psychology of Adolescence Custom Essay

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This is the only reference to be used:
Santrock, J.W. (2010). Adolescence (13th ed.). McGraw-Hill: Sydney.
You will need to have this book in order to complete this assessment and I have been advised by online chat staff that this book is available to you.
You must use in text referencing when referring to the text I have pasted details below that were given to us and I will upload an example journal.
You are required to make a 250-300 word reflective response about an adolescent’s behaviour or an event involving an adolescent. You are to choose 8 of the 12 journal entries to submit for assessment. The 8 responses that you choose should be the most meaningful to you and/or the most readily appreciated in terms of learning experiences from this course as a whole. The final report should include a summary of the process involved in undertaking this assignment, that is, to make a reflection on the reflective journal.
Description of the Assignment A reflective journal has been likened to the field notes or laboratory notes of a social scientist and is used in many professions. A journal maps changes in the writer’s thinking by linking previous knowledge (assumptions based on own experiences) to new knowledge (what you have learnt or are learning about in the course). The style is normally conversational with the idea of conveying your personal journey during this unit. Even though the journal will be written in a less formal style than a psychology essay or research report (using “I think” or “I feel”) you will still need to structure the journal entries well, clearly
express yourself and any references should be correctly formatted in APA style.
The role of the social scientist is to document or record observed behaviours or events and then make tentative hypotheses about these observations. These tentative hypotheses are initially based on personal assumptions and past experiences. However, reflective journaling should involve the very necessary element of critical examination. Personal assumptions and hypotheses must be examined in the light of the material in your text, lessons, lectures, and other readings using empirical research and relevant theory. Ask yourself where did your initial assumptions or hypotheses originate? Then develop a contrary argument using your new knowledge (gained from text and lesson materials). Evaluate the two sides of the argument, that is, how you personally explained the behaviour of an adolescent compared with how it might be explained using a theoretical perspective from that week’s lesson. What is your conclusion? What have you learnt? Although the reflective journal will form the basis for conveying your personal journey in this course it is NOT a personal diary. The main focus of your journal should be on the theoretical and empirical material from the text and lessons and the connections that you make between this material and what you have observed (its application).
Common stages and questions to ask yourself when writing reflectively are:
Description of an incident or behaviour of an adolescent that you have observed.
Comments and reflections: What are your assumptions? What is your explanation of the behaviour? What is your hypothesis?
Connection to theory, text, lecture materials, research.
Evaluate the two explanations of the incident – your initial response and hypothesis compared to a theoretical explanation and hypothesis. How do the two explanations compare?
Incorporating a new understanding of the adolescent’s behaviour. How would you explain it now?
Conclusions – what have you learned?

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