Public Relations: It need to be acdanmic, pick an organisation public company, government dept, not-for-profit, small business custom essay

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The first essay is a Media Release, 2 pages, it need to be acdanmic, pick an organisation public company, government dept, not-for-profit, small business ? and think of an issue or development they may be facing. It must be feasible, but can not have already taken place.Start researching the topic ? who, what, when, where, why and how and start preparing your response which will be the content of your media release. The organisation must be real, and this company face some problem need to be true, and i need writ a Media Release in the positive way, because every Media Release are in the positive way. Can you rearch some real Media Relase, the format should be the same. The development of writing must be realistic and the development must not have taken place already(a development in this context is an event of interest to a particular journalist. Such an event may, but does’t have to , include a product launch, an appointment of a new staff member, organisational restructuring, a new policy, a crisis, a new study, an achievenment, etc.)You can choose by yourself. This essay hand in 10days.

The second essay is a presentation, the presentation should be around 500 words, around 5 min. This essay should explain the media release, how you write the media release, and how you write this negative things to postive way,(why you choose the topic and why it will be of interest to the media).Parallel to this, in tutorials from Week 5, you will be presenting to your group your rationale for the media release ? how it connects to the theory and our readings.For instance, if there is a crisis emerging, is your release going to be about persuading the public to view the issue in a different way?Is it a matter of spin, or is your organisation a small not-for-profit environmental lobby group trying to take on the government or a mining company? This essay need to be hand in 10 days.

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