Qualitative interview and data analysis Custom Essay

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Guidelines for Qualitative Interview and Data Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the student’s ability to:

1. Utilize a selected qualitative research method to collect and analyze data.
2. Conduct an interview based on a qualitative research question.
3. Code and perform data analysis of a qualitative interview using the selected qualitative research method.


1. Choose a qualitative research question to serve as the basis for an interview. It should not be the question you have chosen for your Qualitative Research Proposal unless approved by instructor.
2. Conduct a qualitative interview, approximately 15 – 20 minutes in length based on the selected research question. Audiotape the interview with the permission of the person being interviewed.
3. Transcribe a 15 minute segment of the interview from the audiotape. Leave a 4-inch margin on the right-hand side of the page for coding purposes. No more than 10 typed pages.
4. Start with a paragraph that discusses your research question, your choice of qualitative method and the rationale for the fit of that method.
5. Perform initial coding of the interview data using a selected qualitative method that fits with your research question. Use the margin of the transcribed data for this initial coding.
6. Utilize abstracting techniques to identify categories and concepts or themes (depending upon the selected qualitative method) in the data. Use index cards (or this can be typed in segments on letter size paper) for your memos to document your categories/themes as well as your thoughts about their meaning, and brief quotations from the interview to support their presence in the data.

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