Rebetiko Music; discuss any topic relating to Greek traditions (music, death rituals, architecture, women’s roles, custom essay

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You are required to write a research paper that will discuss any topic relating to Greek traditions (music, death rituals, architecture, women?s roles, etc) of your interest. Your sources should be a book, scholarly articles, and/or book chapters. For this paper you are required to read at least five scholarly articles (average page length for each article should be around 15 to 20 pages) (a scholarly work is written by an academic that explores a topic in depth) or a book on the tradition that you are researching.

Resources for your library research: The OSU library database Oscar, the reference guide ?Modern Greek Folklore: An Annotated Bibliography? by Julia E. Miller, and the volume Greece in Modern Times: An Annotated Bibliography of Works Published in English in 22 Disciplines During the Twentieth Century. Stratos Constantinidis, ed. Scarecrow Press (see sections on anthropology/ethnography/folklore) are excellent resources to locate works on your topic. I will also provide you with a list of articles to consider early in the quarter. Internet sources are welcome but they must be used as a supplement, in addition to the required scholarly articles. You are required to submit a typed list of your chosen scholarly articles by May 14th (email is ok). Failure to submit this list will result to a 10-point reduction from your paper grade.

One way to organize this section of your paper is to ask several of the following questions: Who practices the tradition you investigate? (Villagers? People in the city?) When? In what context does this practice take place? What is the significance of this tradition? Is this tradition still practiced, or is it abandoned? Has it changed, and if so, how and why?

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