Reflection essay About two moral values, selfish and filial Custom Essay

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A reflection essay About two moral values, selfish and filial, lecturer give us see a drama about how the character do to his father and how’s his son do the same thing to him. He(character) works until he die and alwayd save money just for his son’s viatiny and desire. Finally, when he die, his son still never regret what he do to him(character). His mother scolds him, he pull his mother to the floor. His son feel that what ever his father do or buy any thing to him, is the father’responsibility, he feel that all his father do is naturally to him, he never feel any touch and thanks to his father(character). Not drama summary, all the essay is about reflection of the drama, so that I choose selfishness and filial, because his son is selfish and unfilial. Send me and also notice me whenever finish the essay.

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