Reflection on Challenges in Developing Nursing Knowledge and Future of Nursing knowledge Custom Essay

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• Reflection on Challenges in Developing Nursing Knowledge and Future of Nursing knowledge

Literature search Rodgers, Cody, article by Dickoff, J., & James, P. (1968) and additional individual literature search.

*Upload an article for class discussion

Students will prepare type-written statements. This assignment is intended to assist you to critically think about issues, examine underlying assumptions that influence your own perspective on matters. As you read, think observe and assess etc…. light bulbs go off. Those Ah Ha., moments. The reflective statements are to help students recognize and understand the nature, scope and limits of scientific thinking and research.
Components of Statements:
• 2 pages in length with APA format followed precisely
• A completed statement should include a critical reflection, your own thinking about the relevancy of the reading and significance of readings to nursing science including the following:
o Return to Experience- Describe the experience, recollect what happened, notice what happened/how you felt/what you did.
o Attend to Feelings-Acknowledge negative feelings but do not let them form a barrier, work with positive outcomes.
o Re-evaluate the Experience-Connect ideas and feelings of the experience to those you had on reflection, Consider options and choices.
o Learning-How do you feel about this experience, could I have dealt better with the situation, what have I learnt from this experience

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