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 The objective of this assignment is for you to reflect on your own thoughts in relation to the material you’re reading.

General Instructions:
 Select four (4) weeks to write your journal. Each journal entry should explore a major theme of the lecture topic from that week and make a personal reflection on the lecture material. You should incorporate other material into the journal where appropriate to explain and to make sense of what you’re reading.
 Your type-written journal should be presented in a folder with a title page and contents page. Each weekly entry should be around 600 words. The broad format for each week’s entry is described below.
 At the end of week 10 write an overview of 500 words which draws on your journal, your reading and reflection. The overview should elaborate personal learning by applying core concepts of the course.

Marking criteria:
The following criteria will be used as a guide for assessing your work. Your journal should:
 Be well planned and presented;
 Demonstrate a good grasp of the key issues of the chosen week
 Make a sensible personal comment that identifies key dilemmas
 Draw on other relevant material to elaborate your thoughts

Each week’s entry should incorporate the following basic points:

Before you can comment upon a particular topic or issue, you must ensure you fully understand it:
 Explain in your own words main point that was/is being made. You should be able to do this in one or two sentences.


Evaluate the issue/claim/statement/point:
 What did you find confronting? What surprised you?
 Were you persuaded? Why? Why not?
 Why were you persuaded/not persuaded?
 What new things has this lecture/material raised for you that you haven’t thought about before?


Comment on how the material presented would impact on the way you act at work.

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