Representation of Satin in dutch paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries Custom Essay

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Discuss the representation of satin fabric in dutch paintings 1600-1750/1800(max) with regards to:
– gender politics and representation of sex hierarchies
– social and historical context
– materiality of paint (with reference to Hollander and Victor Stoichita theory of emergence of genre painting)

with links to at least(!!!) following things:
– "fetish in dutch art" essay by Foster Hal
– history of satin
– Hellerstedt, K. J. "Gardens of Earthly Delight"

and at least these images:
– Gerard ter Borch "a woman playing a lute to two men" about 1667-8
– Egion Hendrik van der Neer "Judith" about 1678
– more images needed of course!!

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