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I want you to write a research brief about my previous dissertation (the dissertation has been attached) I have also attached a powerpoint file that has the whole explanation, please read through it carefully.
The topic of my dissertation is (Did Kraft pay a fair price to purchase Cadbury?) please read through it to link my dissertation with this research brief.
Look at the attachment (Research question). You have to choose one out of those two questions and write 1250 words about it by following the instructions of the attached file (Research Brief)
This research brief requires to do a research project to justify the research method and how to EXACTLY implement the research. You need to mention exactly how you are going to do the research project ( for example, Sampling(Surveys) or telephone interviews. You don’t need to actually do a survey. You have to do a GANT chart of what is exactly going to happen and the period of the project…etc and include it in the APPENDIX . you need to consider staff and costs…etc. You should not mention any figures but just identify exactly what is going to happen.
This is a very important paper, Please avoid plagiarism and do your best of both understanding the whole assignment descriptions and working on it.
P.S : This research is based on my Dissertation which is about Kraft and Cadbury.

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