Research Paper; Healthcare Administration – health care industry managerial practice is ethical Research Paper

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Third course paper (30 points): It the major research paper, eight to ten pages of text in length and requires you to assess the degree to which a health care industry managerial practice is ethical. It is worth 30 points. Three (3) points of this paper will be given for submission to the Writing Tutor (if in class) by the due date assigned in your classroom. It is due by the date given in the Course Schedule. As with other papers, the ten-twelve pages of the body of the paper do not include the cover sheet, the abstract, the reference list, and any appendices, including graphs, tables and figures. A cover sheet, abstract, body of the paper, and reference list are required for this paper and their absence will cause point deductions. Additional paper items, such as appendices, graphs, tables and figures, are not required, but may be included, in support of your paper’s discussion.
The analysis is to show how health care administrators deal with an ethical issue in the field of health care administration. In this major research paper for the course, you will (1) describe a health care managerial industry practice, (for example patient safety), (2) analyze the ethical issues associated with it (for example, responding to medical errors), and then (3) show how a similar non-health industry practice might help health care better address the issue (such as aviation industry procedures for addressing pilot errors). The reason for comparing an ethical practice in the health care industry with another non-health care industry setting is to find solutions for health care that other industries may have previously developed. In the past students have written about data confidentiality compared to banking industry practices, and knowledge management or use of health data for quality improvement using a global manufacturing company as a comparison.
Additional parameters for this paper include:
(a) The managerial practice is to be a business management practice, not a clinical practice, such as the comparison of two surgical procedures or the effectiveness of two medications.
(b) The emphasis on the health care industry management practice is to be balanced in terms of numbers of pages of text and numbers of references devoted to the health care industry, about half and half, between the health care industry and the other industry being used for comparison purposes.
(c) Use quotes sparingly. The majority of your paper must be written by you for this course. Taking text from a website or article and changing a few words does not make it your own words.
(d) One of the goals of this paper is to find relevant scholarly references. A minimum of 5 scholarly references are required and do not include the required readings.
(e) The following website is a good resources on ethics:
(f) In addition, of particular interest to health care administrators, are the ethics and resources of the major health care management professional association, the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). They have a library of freely available health care management ethics tools and a code of ethics for health care administrators,
The instructor will respond with approval or disapproval of your topic, or with questions and suggestions for revision. The approval process may take several iterations, back and forth between student and faculty. That’s one of the reasons why the submission of your paper outline occurs several weeks before the paper is due.

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