Research Paper; “How Will changes on working conditions improve the productivity of An-Da Container Company in Shanghai?” Custom Essay

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This is a research paper should based on 9 Sections
1.Summary 2.introduction about the company(just make up the history and present condition) and Case definition (research question, what’s the quesiton and what’s their problem at the moment) 3. Procedure and Methodology (including a SWOT method and how to use primary and secondary datas) 4. main results and findings (analysis figures with charts) 5. Analysis and discussion (how would these figues affect the productivity including set up a SWOT table and empolyees’ motivations and productivity theories. This is the main body ) 6. Conclusion and recommendations 7. write an interview with the CEO (REFERENCES doesn’t count as word counts)
lots figures l didin’t give just make up. remember this is a forward looking question, should make suggestions. tables and charts should be provided no less then 10.

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