Research Paper – Sick Around The World; We are learning about the U.S. Health Care System Research Paper

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We are learning about the U.S. Health Care System. For this exercise we will be examining the systems of other countries for the purpose of drawing comparisons between the systems.
Assigned Activities:

1. As individuals , view Sick Around the World, a documentary produced by Frontline, which examines aspects of five countries health systems: Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and Japan.

2. As a group, engage in discussion, and collaborate to write a paper. This paper should: 1) discuss one or more components of each system that could potentially benefit the United States, 2) examine the feasibility of implementing each component here in the United States, and 3) predict the outcome that would occur if they were adopted and implemented here in the United States.
Additional information. . .
Please note, the discussion in this paper must be well supported. That is, you should document your claims with evidence, including statistical data, available in the scientific and policy literatures. Sources of this information are available online through Google Scholar and online databases available through the University Library as well as well respected research foundations that focus on health policy, including:

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
The Kaiser Family Foundation
The Commonwealth Foundation

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