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In order to meet the learning outcomes of this unit you are required to develop a research proposal. A proposal is a written account of planned research and it sets out what you, the investigator, intend to do. In other words a research proposal is “the how, why, when and at what cost” (Roberts & Taylor 2002, p. 127). Within this proposal you are required to demonstrate an understanding of the research process by developing a detailed, coherent and logical plan that would enable you to investigate a selected area of nursing practice.
This requires you, as a future nurse clinician, to identify a clinical issue from one of your undergraduate clinical practicum that you felt needed to change and this change would be based on evidence from a research study. For example you may have thought about hand gels used in clinical practice (as part of infection control) and the amount of residue left on the hands and its effect on hand hygiene.
Please Note: You are planning a research study. You are not to undertake any part of this research.
Details Write Part A of your research proposal using the following structure. Give your proposal a title
and use the following headings (in bold) to structure and write your proposal.

INTRODUCTION. The introduction includes: ? Rationale and justification for the proposed study ? Clarification of assumptions and definitions of terms where appropriate ? Concepts and variables are clearly identified and defined ? Potential significance of the study to nursing practice and evidence based practice
LITERATURE REVIEW; The literature review provides a background of information including a review of relevant and current literature related to the research question you wish to answer.
RESEARCH PROBLEM. This comprise the problem/issue and the research questions and/or hypotheses you wish to investigate and the aims of the study.
METHODOLOGY. This is an explanation and justification of the methodology chosen and the methods to be used to investigate the problem/clinical issue.


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