Research Questions, Variables, and Types of Data Custom Essay

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1. Develop four (4) research questions that reflect education and/or training topics of interest to you. Three (3) of these questions must be quantitative research questions, and one (1) a qualitative research question.
Your quantitative research questions must each represent one of the following: descriptive research question, relational research question, and causal research question.
2. Identify attributes or variables included in each research question. Be sure to designate the type of variable identified, for example: independent variable (IV), dependent variable (DV), and/or covariate (CoV).
3. Describe the type of data that will be measured for each variable. Please designate whether the data is categorical (I.e., nominal or ordinal data) or continuous (I.e., interval or ratio data).
4. Please provide justification for your conclusions. For example, if you identify an attribute as an IV, explain how you determined this to be so.
NOTE. Remember, quantitative data is represented by numbers, and qualitative data is represented by text or image.
Include at least three in-text references.
Begin discussion with an introduction (including purpose statement), and then include a section for each assignment task. Be sure to include appropriate headings for each section. Also, include a conclusion.

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