‘Reservations to UN human rights treaties adversely affect human rights protection.’ Critically discuss, with reference to appropriate UN documentation, cases and academic commentary Custom Essay

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Explores the question, putting it in context and indicates your argument and how it will develop with reference to the main areas/issues raised by the question.
Main Body (approx 80% of the word count)
This should develop a coherent and logical argument based on a series of points/issues that relate directly to the question. It should draw on relevant evidence from primary and secondary sources.
For each point/issue identified:
• Claim: introduce the point/issue, ensuring that you have supported it by way of reference to primary and/or secondary sources
• Justify: explain the point/issue, especially as regards the relevance to the question and how it relates to your argument.
• Support: assess the point/issue, relative to the question and your argument, referencing appropriate sources
• Implication: identify any implications of the point/issue, again linking to the question and your argument. This may also provide a link to the next point, ensuring that you are developing a cogent argument and coherent response to the question.
(adapted from Mitchell and Riddle, Improving the Quality of Argument in Higher Education, 2000)
Conclusion (approx 10% of the word count)
Summarises the question and your argument with reference to your main points/issues and so demonstrates that you have answered the question. No new information or points should be introduced at this point.
Note: the allocation of the word count across the introduction, main body and conclusion is indicative and is not a hard and fast rule.

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