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I am attaching a resume that I need to update. It should be updated with my last job 2008 to Aug 2011, my current schooling which is specific to the job I am applying for (Behavioral Health Worker), and a volunteer position that I began in November at the University of Colorado Hospital Center for Addiction, Dependancy and Rehabilitation (which is where I am applying for the job) I am currently doing the job duties in my volunteer position that will be required for the actual job opening. I am attaching three documents. My old resume to use to update this new one, a job description for the Regional Property Manager job that I did from 2008 to August of 2011, and a more complete description of what I would like the new resume to include. I have also included the job description for the job I am applying for so that you can match my previous experience with the requirements of the new position. There are significant overlapping duties that I have performed in the past which will be required in this new position including conflict resolution, managing the residential milieu (or the physical and social setting in which something occurs or develops) and my understanding of a 12 step evidence based addiction recovery model.

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