Review the article “Neurodevelopment: How Does the Teenage Brain Work?” and write and submit a summary Custom Essay

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Review the article “Neurodevelopment: How Does the Teenage Brain Work?” and write and submit a summary. Include the following: Highlight the main points presented in the article. What message is the author trying to convey? Discuss specific areas of research and the findings. Discuss the role of nerve cells and brain development and function. Identify and describe the functions of the parts of the nervous system discussed in the article. Cross-check the information. What do other sources of information say about the same concepts presented in the article? Are there discrepancies between the information in the article and the Starr and McMillan text? Include an evaluation of your source by answering the questions in the source evaluation form for journal articles given in the Resources section. Explain in a paragraph or two why you would or would not consider this article to be a credible source of information on this topic

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