Reward and Performance Management; recommend a new international HRM strategy incorporating a local and global scope Custom Essay

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In this assessment you will use a case study to generate a report to the board to recommend a new international HRM strategy incorporating a local and global scope. You will be given the role of a member of the HR team taking part in the internal evaluation of the case study’s international human resource strategy. You will individually focus on a particular area of Human Resource Management but collaborate to produce a coherent and cohesive report for your HR Director. You will draw on research and current HRM recommended practices to
Evaluate the current situation
Present recommendations for change appropriate for an international organisation.
The case study you will use to generate your report is:
International Human Resource Management: Part 5 Case Study Global and Local: the case of the inoperable HRM strategy available in Beardwell, J. and Claydon, T., (2007). Human Resource Management: A Contemporary Approach. 5th Ed. Harlow. Financial Times/Prentice Hall. Chapter 17 pages 679 – 681
MY part is Reward & Performance Management:
LO1 Define the scope and key functions of a Human Resource Management strategy in international organisations
LO2 Understand the changing international context of contemporary business, and its implications for HRM strategy and professionals.
LO3 Demonstrate a well-founded understanding of cross-cultural and culture specific issues that influence the development of HRM strategy.
LO6 Evaluate an international HRM strategy to identify areas for improvement

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