Romanesque and Gothic Work Styles Custom Essay

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From online sources, choose a pair of sculptures, manuscript illuminations, or church architectural details to research and compare. If you look for your artworks online, it might be helpful to search by subject matter as well as period. One work should be Romanesque and one Gothic. The Gothic style continues into the 14th century, so examples from this time period are appropriate. If you can find similar works, such as two standing figures, two Last Judgments, or two Annunciations, so much the better for comparison. If you choose church details, consider two towers, two views of vaulting, or two views of side walls, one from a Romanesque church and one from a Gothic church.

As you are researching and analyzing your work, keep the following in mind:

Consider the original purpose served by each of your artworks (if known).
Consider the iconography. Is there symbolism that may not be readily apparent? Is a story being told?

For architecture, consider the forms used. Romanesque refers to the use of older Roman forms.

How do these forms and engineering change during the Gothic period?

Expressive exaggerations is characteristics of medieval art. What is expressive in your pair?

Compare the treatment of figures, drapery, facial features and spatial arrangement.

Does naturalism or evidence of worldly observation on the part of the artist show at all?

Does the geographical origin affect the look of your samples?

Begin your first posting, consisting of one paragraph, by introducing the works – their titles, their original location, and the date and medium for each. Explain the similarities of the subject, style, or church structure. What do the works have in common? This question may be answered by describing the subject matter of the artworks, or placement of the architectural features. Are there stylistic similarities?

In a second paragraph, describe the differences, especially in terms of stylistic differences. Try to find the most appropriate descriptive words to express what you see. Note specific details to help guide your classmates to what you observe in each artwork. Specific details help back-up your more general style observations.

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