Select a company known to operate on a global basis. Assess to what degree your selected company adopts a universal culture, or rather, behaves as expected from the influence of the national culture of its country of origin Custom Essay

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In addition explain how this company uses Diversity, and all organizational initiatives, to contribute to the corporate bottom line. Evaluate the common organizational bottom-line rationale for diversity initiatives.
•What specific aspects make an organization diverse?
•What value does a diverse, versus a homogenous, organizational culture have to the bottom line?
•What value does a diverse workforce offer individual workers?
•What organizational policies and procedures need to be in place to create and support a diverse workforce?

Write a six pages paper summarizing your findings and drawing from academic sources as well as company information. In your paper, examine the concept of a global company and the question—is a global company a synthesis of its component cultures, or is it predominately a function of the culture of its head office? Support your answer with rationales, examples, and references. Follow the correct APA guidelines.

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