Sergei Eisenstein and his influential on society Custom Essay

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Creative project: The student will produce an original, creative project, which must be closely tied to the themes and styles of western art, history, music, film, and culture. Students have broad discretion in choosing a topic for this project, but the topic chosen must clearly and actually relate to the themes of the course. A film employing and demonstrating techniques pioneered by Sergei Eisenstein, an original short play inspired by the Futurists, a song inspired by the work of Kurt Weill, or a painting in the style of van Gogh would all be acceptable. Students will be asked to provide a description of how their project relates to European history and culture (three pages at minimum, more as needed for complicated topics). The proposal for this project should include as much detail as possible about the proposed project, and must also include a short description of its connection to history and culture. (I will point you in the direction of additional resources as needed, but I do need to know as much as possible about both your interests and the methods/techniques that you hope to use on this project).

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