Sheep’s Heart The following is what observed in doing this lab: custom essay

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1. Cut the pericardial sac
2. Examined the posterior & anterior surfaces of the heart
3. Identified the aorta, coronary vessels, superior and inferior vena cava, apex, etc
4. Scraped away fat on the anterior surface to expose blood vessels
5. Identified auricles, septum, left and right atrium, chordae tendineae, pulmonary trunk
6. Aorta is easier to stretch because it has more elasticity
7. Cleared fat from aorta & pulmonary trunk to expose the course of the coronary artery
8. Observed that the heart was old by the chordae tendineae
9. Our group’s measurements: left ventricle 2 in. Right ventricle 1 in
10. Other group’s measurements: left ventricle 2 in. Right ventricle 0.8 in

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