Showing How an Observed Change Reflects a General Social Trend or Event Custom Essay

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Since it is a BLOG, feel free to write blog-style. Doesn’t have to be very serious tone. HOWEVER, PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CLOSELY! Thank you!

I.Selecting a Subject for Observation. There are three ways that an urban space or place may be transformed—say which you have chosen.

In my case, UC Irvine

A. A place or space changes function (e.g., a drive-in theater becomes a swap meet; a tire factory becomes a shopping mall).

B. A place or space maintains character (same function and physical design) but its surroundings or environment are transformed (e.g., a cemetery gets surrounded by an office complex; an old retail space is hemmed in by new development).

C. A place or space maintains character but its clientele is transformed (e.g., a church congregation goes from middle-class, native, and non-Hispanic to working-class, immigrant, and Latino; a restaurant-pub goes from working class to gentrified; a public park becomes a haven for drug deals, or for the homeless).

II. Showing How an Observed Change Reflects a General Social Trend or Event.
(Explain how the smaller change that you are documenting rests upon, or is nested within a longer and broader historical, economic, social, or cultural context.)

A. Embed your observation in a larger urban texture. Explain how your place of observation fits into the bigger spatial scheme. You’ll need to:
 Characterize the general setting (development, or neighborhood, or district, or city, or region)—what are the neighboring places and spaces, and means of circulation?

 Establish if the place being observed is typical or unusual within the setting.

B. Supply a historical dimension in which you excavate at least five years of back story that would otherwise elude direct observation.

C. Identify the drivers of (trends or events behind) place/space transformation.

Types: examples.
 Demographic: Immigration; population aging (an area’s children growing
up and moving away, parents or customers getting older).
 Economic: prosperity, recession (which affect spending and investment)
 Cultural: fashion, consumer tastes, technology (e.g., advent of cell phones, WiFi), which change how people use space

 Infrastructure: opening, moving, or closing of a roadway, bridge, sidewalk, or of a transit stop, or the opening or closing of a large facility (a college campus, a military base, a shopping mall), which affect the volume of traffic
 Historical events: crime, war, business cycle (see “economic” above)
 Catastrophes: fire, flood, erosion, earthquake.

Cite at least two high qualities, third-party sources. A high quality source is: authoritative, trustworthy, has a clear public identity, and is accessible.

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