Single Parenthood in thye United States Custom Essay

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How does the single parent influences the US society? What influences them to become single parent? What influences the child from being raised by single parent? Are there any community support for single parent family? How to prevent single parent family?)) You don’t need to follow this but need to write why its being an issue and how to solve the problem. Brainstorm and identify a recent social problem and issue. Once identified, come up with a hypothesis with regards to the identified problem. Then conduct research to draw a conclusion about the hypothesis. Use any research method. Various methods to employ are naturalistic observation, literature review, random sampling, or interviewing. Upon conclusion, you are asked about your experience while completing and working on the project. The focus of this project is to introduce students to research methodology that sociologists employ to come up with their findings. This project enables the students to utilize an interactive apporach to study and learn about various sociological beliefs and perspectives.

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