Small-Scale Qualitative Project Write-Up Research Paper

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Introduction/Background (1 paragraph)
Describe the topic/focus of your research for this course.
Explain why this issue is important or significant.
Identify your research question for this interview.
Data Collection (1 paragraph)

o Describe your interviewee?s background relevant to your topic.
o Explain why you selected this person for the interview.
o Do not use the person?s real name or identifying details.
How were data collected?

o Describe the length and nature of your interview.
o Describe the audio recording and transcribing process.

Data Analysis (1 paragraph)
How were the data analyzed?

o Describe your analysis process AFTER coding to synthesize and summarize your data.
Results (2 pages)
Discuss two to four themes that emerged from your data analysis as they relate to your research question. Be sure to use selected quotes from your participant’s interview to support your findings.

Conclusion (1 paragraph)
Discuss the significance of the study

o For whom would this study be important and why?
o How might this study be related to social change

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