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I have given you an example that had been done by students and they got full mark. I have attached the old report and the spreadsheet for it. The purpose by giving you this report and the spreadsheet it guide you to write a great report for this (Lebanese Bread’s Life). Therefore, I have given you the spreadsheet for Lebanese Bread and also this file to read. You must know many things such as:
1. You must be very good at Statistics and math and know how to present the report in a great way according to MINITAB software.
2. You must use MINITAB and follow what’s in the old report.
3. Remember that, I paid for 5000 words, and the old one is 4774 words, i ask u more to write for my report. The report in 2009 is just an example,,,, so,, follow it when u do my report.
4. Remember, the old Report and the old spreadsheet is just an example to follow.
5. You are going to follow the Table Contents, I have calculated the words that you need to write, remember, some words should not be included that comes from the MINITAB.
6. You must look at the old Report and the spreadsheet, and the look at my report (Lebanese’s Bread Life) and the Spreadsheet, and then write the report.
7. It has to be in a great advance.
8. You must use MINITAB software to do this report, and you must know that you have to be very smart at doing this report. Without MINITAB, you are not allowed to do it.
9. You must follow the Old report that contains the Table Contents and even the Appendix.
10. I need a great report better than the old one,,,, remember they got full mark for it, so , i need to get full mark too.
11. I need full report, starts from executive Summary and finishes by the Appendix.
12. I have calculated the words that have been written in the reports, it is 4774 words except the words that belong to MINITAB software, because it belongs to the software, i paid for you to write
REMEMBER THE SPREADSHEET FOR THE NEW REPORT IS DIFFERENT TO THE OLD ONE. DEFINITELLY U WILL HAVE a new discretions. I have started doing this report but i need you to do it in way that allows the reader to know what’s going on. I have given you the guidance and i need a great result please.
I have attached both old report, spreadsheet, and the new report that has to be done by u and the spreadsheet is given too.
Description of standard

Thoughtful ideas translated into planning to obtain sound data with a range of variables and observations for investigation of a range of issues. Description of context and practical details sufficient for reader to repeat. Evidence of teamwork.

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