Statutory Analysis: Choose a section or sub-section of any environmental law/topic we have studied Custom Essay

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Statutory Analysis: Choose a section or sub-section of any environmental law/topic we have studied. Choose a local, state, or federal agency, governmental body, business, or non-governmental organization affected by, interested in or charged with implementation of environmental law. Write a full analysis to the “decision-maker” of the organization you choose (i.e. the director/organization president/politician or whoever the boss is) describing the content of the statute, regulatory targets and any options, relevant case law interpretations of the statute, any history with or how it affects the decision-maker, what things the decision-maker can/must do to ensure compliance with the law (or avoid it), what position the decision-maker should expect to hear from other parties, Congress, agencies or the courts. Your analysis must be typed, 12 point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, double-spaced, include page numbers, properly document all outside sources using APA formatting, properly document all cases and statutes cite using Bluebook style.
Please review the requirements and make sure you have answer every part of the Statutory analysis starting with choosing a decision maker. This need to be more than a summary research paper. It should have an argument and persuasive as well.

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