Strategic HRM at Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart is the largest retail company in the world and is represented in the UK by ASDA Custom Essay

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The company began life in in 1962 with its founder Sam Walton. The company has developed into the global conglomerate we know today by focusing on the value it gives its customers. This case study focuses on the HR strategy at Wal-Mart and presents a review of some of the company�s HR strategy and practices in the last 20 years.

You should first read the attached case study, research any other relevant literature then answer the following questions:

1-How would you describe Wal-Mart�s corporate strategy? Is the HR strategy integrated with the Corporate Strategy? Provide justification for your response.

2-Using a suitable SHRM theoretical perspective, analyse the HR policies and practices at Wal-Mart and as part of your explanation give reasons why the company resists unionisation.

The assignment should also be:

Writing: Written in English in an appropriate business/academic style.
Focus: Focus only on the tasks set in the assignment.
Length: 2,000 words (maximum).
Formatting: Typed on A4 paper in Times New Roman or Arial font 12 with at least 2.5 centimetre space at each edge.
Document format: In business report format, presented in a report folder with a clear title, course, and name or ID number on a cover sheet and including a bibliography using Harvard referencing throughout.
Research: Research should use reliable and relevant sources of information e.g. academic books and journals that have been peer reviewed. The research should be extensive.
Writer�s role: You should take the role of a management consultant.
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