Strategic Marketing Plan for a new International school Custom Essay

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1) Assume that you are a Head of Marketing, write strategic marketing plans for a new interational school in Hong Kong- Short term and Long term
Short term is around 2 years and Long term is 5 years

To develop and manage an efficient and proactive marketing plan that reflects the school and its activities according to the school mission and ethos.
To make sure to monitor branding to ensure consistency and appropriateness.
Market to appropriate target markets.(differend levels at school)
Visit companies and offices of high profile business to market and promote the school to the business community.
Develop strategies and contacts to promote school events to the wider public.
admissions trends and to relate the marketing strategy directly to demographic needs.

Make sure the plan is developed based on the school mission and strong emphasis on local community

Example for reference
Helping the community

Charity administration

The School supports and helps to administer the Club a centre for both young and older people in a deprived part offering sports, adult education and social facilities.

The Trust is administered with assistance from the School and supports the community in various ways. Recent grants include the establishment of a library in the cancer treatment centre and support for drama in primary schools.

Local use of School facilities

The School’s facilities are used extensively by local schools and the community: the theatre, swimming pool, playing fields, badminton, golf course,, tennis courts, fives courts and other sports facilities. Several major borough swimming tournaments are held at the School. We host the local Lawn Tennis Club, Golf Club .

The School accommodates a Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, at a highly subsidised rent, in a building within the School Farm complex. School pupils visit the Centre to help out with a variety of projects and have recently been instrumental in fundraising for the Centre.

We have a specific organisation to enable members of the local community to benefit from our facilities, The Friends of School. Members are invited to School functions and we also lay on specific activities for them such as quizzes, dances and concerts.

We run a shooting competition every March and a drill competition in June for the six Cadet organisations plus thePolice Cadets. We also make available the facilities and equipment of the School Cadet Force to the same organisations. The local TA regiment have had use of our assault course and leadership course along with our sports hall and swimming pool.

The Learner Centre in Harrow leads our Shell Anti-Bullying workshops. The pupils use the Sports Centre and, last summer, took their public exams here.

Community Service

Community Service is undertaken by many pupils for the benefit, largely, of elderly people in the locality. They also help staff charity shops in Town Centre – Oxfam and SCOPE. Elderly residents from a local housing association warden-controlled complex of flats are invited to an all-expenses-paid day trip to places of historic or cultural interest twice a year. Social Services often ask us for ‘taskforces’ of boys to help with house clearance or gardening for the borough’s elderly and/or vulnerable residents.

Events for the local community

The School supports a number of events each year which are put on for the local community. These include:
Town Carols: a carol concert for 1,000 local people
The annual Civic Service
The annual Remembrance Day Service
Metropolitan Police Awards Ceremonies

Other community activities
Musicians from the School give regular (free) lunchtime concerts in Church.
The School pays for a street cleaner to clean public streets on the Hill.
The School Art Gallery is open to the public without charge every afternoon.
The School provides four paid apprenticeships a year to local young people to work and develop their skills in its Estates department.
We let a large area of parkland, Church Fields, to the local authority at a very low rent for public use.
The School participates in the annual Scheme which allows free access for part of one weekend to buildings that are normally closed to the public or that would usually charge admission.
The police are given regular and free use of the School’s facilities for training dogs.

Partnership with local schools
school works with local schools and local children of all ages in a number of ways from sharing facilities and knowledge to providing education in areas that local schools can’t cater for.

Students study Latin and Greek A-levels and Oxbridge entry Mathematics at School without charge.

Every year since 2001 the School has organised a week-long Summer School for 60-70 gifted and talented children from local state schools. We run this at no profit.

In 2009-10 we mentored difficult pupils from Local Primary School.

We are part of the Changing Towards Excellence initiative with different school to create further opportunities for staff and pupils in our schools.

In 2008-9 forty-four teachers from local state schools came to observe A-level teaching at school.

In June 2010 we ran a Science Day for 60 Gifted and Talented Year 9 pupils from local maintained schools at our school

The School manages a major new athletics training centre on a recently constructed facility for use by local state schools. We provide the facility, the organisation and some of the coaching. Each year the Athletics Championships are held at our school… The following schools are involved in élite athletics coaching at the School:

The School has collaborated on the development of IT systems with our school and other school

We support the Cricket Foundation in its work to help state schools develop their cricket. We provide local state schools with access to playing facilities.

We offer work experience to pupils from local schools.

School boys have helped with a reading programme, sports, IT and art projects at two local primary schools

In 2009 we started a Cadet Partnership with our school whereby we train their staff and pupils.

Charity work …etc.

THIS MARKETING IS FOR A NEW SCHOOL SO the above information is for reference only,

Leadership for TOMORROW

Leadership is about making a positive difference through people. tHE School strongly believes that leaders are not necessarily born, but that they can be made. The school aims to develop the motivation, skills and determination in its students to make a difference to the world in which we live. We will aim to promote leadership in a variety of forms: leading from the front; being an effective team player; and positive personal leadership.

Leadership, of course, is a very high quality. Leadership for aims to equip and challenge our students to use knowledge, skills and talents to make life better for other people in their world.

The school identifies six key leadership attributes:
• Contributing positively to the community
• Applying knowledge with compassion
• Solving problems collaboratively
• Solving problems creatively
• Making fair and just choices
• Facing challenges with determination

These six leadership values will be embedded into all aspects of life in the school, including the kinds of learning experiences teachers prepare for students in the classroom, the curriculum itself and the way extra-curricular activities are structured. Distinctively, academic lessons and extra-curricular activities will be integrated into the learning day at school and grouped in such a way as to consistently reinforce the Leadership for a Better World attributes..

2) what are the first three things to do when a marketing department set up from zero?

This plan must be clear, well presented and concise, can be in bullet points instead of a long essay type.

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